If your not sure about what type of extensions to get please dont hesitate to contact me for a free consultation!!!

***Sew In*** A sew-in weave is adding hair extensions by creating a foundation with nice firm braids, normally braided in a horizontal line leaving hair in between or no hair at all.

***Net Weave***  A netweave is adding hair extensions by creating a secure foundation of braids and sewing on a weaving net, then sewing on the wefted hair. Oh and great thing about the netweave is you can change the hair without needing to get your natural hair redone!

***Micro Links*** This is a strand by strand application using  I tipped hair. The extension is clamped onto your hair using secure silicone micro links. This is the most popular  method for extensions simply because its great to add volume, length, or cover up a bad hair cut. 


I do not supply the hair 

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